Thursday, March 4, 2010

Extreme Prophetic?

Sadly, there are a small number of fringe-element Charismatic ministries today who claim to be operating in the "extreme prophetic" that are the very sort of devil-inspired ministries that give the Charismatic Church a bad name. They are a blight on the image of the 21st Century Post-Pentecostal Church that it must disown and distance itself from in order to reclaim its rich heritage and integrity.

As it stands, it is these few "bad apple" ministries that are spoiling the Charismatic barrel in the eyes of the world as well as the ecclesia as a whole. The Neo-Pentecostal church must begin to rise up to the place of spiritual maturity in which it begins to discipline itself. Every significant institution of society--whether it be the medical field, with the likes of the A.M.A. or the legal profession with its A.B.A., and so forth--have had to come to the realization that it must regulate or govern itself if it is to maintain the integrity and even the longevity of the institution. Both Houses of the U.S. Congress governs itself, with measures built into the rules and procedures for sanctioning or disciplining of unruly members. The time has come for the institution of similar measures in the Neo-Pentecostal Ecclesia.

We must begin to "speak the truth in love." We must summon the fortitude to tell it like it is, call a spade a spade, identifying doctrinal error and demonically-inspired supernatural phenomena and exposing the deeds of darkness wherever it is found, including if where it is found is in "big name" or high-profile ministries that have by whatever means ascended to the ranks of the elite and the high and mighty that we all have afforded them. We have tolerated the existence of "rock star" status and persona far too long in the Charismatic Church and it's high time we began to tear down their altars and high places as the Old Testament prophets spoke on behalf of God concerning the pagan gods of their generations.

It's high time that the true prophets arise out of their lethargy and laying back in the woods to seize the axe of Samuel and begin to hack some of these Agags to pieces! That will be the "extreme prophetic!" And, I believe the day when we see more and more of that happening has already dawned!

The following article by Joyce Perdue has some great things to say about the "extreme" men and women who are needed in the church that Jesus is building today.

-Joyce Perdue.

The most extreme man (or woman) in the church today is the one who stands on God’s Word alone.

He is the “voice crying in the wilderness” of modern churchianity.

It is he who dares to ask not, "Is this okay? Can we 'get away with it'?” but, “Is this honoring to God Almighty?”

Here is one who refuses to engage in frivolity while the world slides to hell.

Here is the man who isn’t afraid to stand before men and be laughed at; he is afraid only of standing before God and being condemned.

He stands for truth in a time of compromise.

He constantly searches out the Word of God and demands a “thus saith the Lord” in a time of me-centered, watered-down, cotton candy teachings.

He believes that there is one way — God’s Way — and he is willing to give up home, income, reputation…indeed, he is willing to give up all that he has, all that he is…in order that it may be taught.

Here is the one who knows “doing for God” must grow out of “being with God” and not the other way around.

Here is the preacher who isn’t afraid to “step on toes” or make someone uncomfortable when the need arises.

He is one who will preach boldly against sin in all of its manifestations.

He is a man who constantly invites his Lord to “search me…try me…see if there is any wicked way in me.”

He is one who knows Jesus wasn’t just “meek and mild” but also the Lion of Judah Who was zealous for God’s house, and he tirelessly seeks to follow his Master’s example.

He is the husband, the father, who leads his family to go against the world — no matter how unpopular, how uncomfortable the position — rather than ride the flow that leads to hell.

Here is the young man who seeks out a woman of true loveliness, one who loves God and shows much growth in godliness, rather than one whose beauty is only skin deep.

The most extreme man in the church is the one who unfailingly takes God at His Word and then, believing, acts on it.

He teaches truth even when persecuted for it.

He sees the times, and, understanding the dangers ahead, beseeches God on behalf of the people who are failing Him.

Here is one who will lose sleep to “stand in the gap” for his family, the church, the nation.

He is not afraid of censure, of unpopularity, of ridicule but only of displeasing his Lord.

He is one who has obviously ”been with Jesus.”

He knows intimately the throne of grace and lives at the foot of it.

He knows the Cross of Christ for he makes his home in its shadow.

He loves God and thus loves the unlovely, even those who would cause him harm for his “extreme” positions.

Here is one to whom praying is as natural as breathing.

He is known in hell and hated for his prayers aren’t prayers for personal comfort but for God’s will to be done, and then, when the prayers are momentarily complete, he gets up and makes himself available to be the instrument through which God’s will can be accomplished.

One who knows sleepless nights spent crying out to God that He may be known and honored among men.

A man who has absolute faith in God that His Lord is able to do all that He has promised.

Here is a man to whom the thought has never occurred to not “accept” Jesus as His Lord.

One whom, knowing his own sinfulness, is humbled by the grace-filled opportunity to serve His Lord in any and every fashion that God bestows upon him.

A man to whom God Himself is more important than any other gift that God could bestow.###

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